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GOAL - Identify and Achieve Your Life Goals

GOAL is an textbook by Ben Backwell & Brian Cullen designed to help students to improve their English language skills while simultaneously learning real-world skills to identify and achieve life goals. 

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Humanity and Technology

Humanity and Technology is an integrated skills textbook for students of pre-intermediate level or higher. This text will help students to improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, presentation and critical thinking and  to become more independent learners. The topics in Humanity and Technology explore the relationship between humanity and technology. Students are encouraged to think seriously about the benefits and dangers of technology for humanity and for their own lives. New 3rd Edition coming in early 2018! 


Explorations in NLP and Language Teaching

This book is an attempt to bring together some of the recent research and thinking in the application of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to language teaching. While all of the writers are teaching in a Japanese context, the ideas are universally applicable. All around the world, the one constant of education is that students should be learning, and at its heart NLP can be seen as a model of learning.

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Exploring L2 Creativity - Understanding and Helping L2 Songwriters

Exploring Second Language Creativity is the result of a six-year research study investigating creativity for non-native speakers, in particular focusing on the example of how to help Japanese songwriters writing in English. On a more general level of interest, this study also aimed to evaluate and develop tools for probing the mental processes underlying L2 creativity. 

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