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Metaphors for NLP & Teaching

105. The Jigsaw

A father was busy at work and wanted to keep his young son busy so he quickly made a home-made jigsaw. He found a complex map of the world in a magazine and tore up the page into many pieces. He told the son to come back to him when he had managed to figure out how the world fitted together properly.
Just a few minutes later, the son came running into his father and said that he was finished. The father was amazed and asked how he did it so quickly.
The son replied, ""on the other side of the page, when I turned it around, I found a picture of a person, and when I started to notice how the person fit together, it was easy to notice how the world came together in the right way, too.""
Main Uses: : Sensory Acuity, Behavioural Flexibility
Also Useful For:
Submitted By: Brian Cullen
Source: I read a version of this in a book called Peak Performance.

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  1. Sarah

    Hello Dr. Cullen,

    What a great list of metaphors! Thank you for creating this great resource for people to use freely. I was wondering if there would be any way to have each metaphor page set up with a link that says "printable version", or something similar, allowing for easy printing of a particular metaphor?

    Thanks again for setting this up. It is a really useful resource not only for me, but for my students as well.

    All the best to you,

    SJ Marubay

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