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Metaphors for NLP & Teaching

25. Rich and Poor

Young couple living in Beverly Hills raising a young son. Want him to know that they don't live like many other families do. (Want to teach
him to understand about poverty.) Driving across the country, stop at a restaurant in a poor town. Converse with family at next table -
they invite the B.H. family over. Son goes to play with the kids, goes swimming in the river. Later, time to leave. Parents ask their son, 'What did you learn today?"" ""Mom, dad, we have trees and shrubs around our back yard... they have the whole horizon. We have a swimming pool, they have a river. We have the lights at night, they have the stars. Thank you for teaching me how poor we are.""
Main Uses: : Reframing
Also Useful For:
Submitted By: Ben Backwell
Source: Unknown

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  1. Sarah

    Hello Dr. Cullen,

    What a great list of metaphors! Thank you for creating this great resource for people to use freely. I was wondering if there would be any way to have each metaphor page set up with a link that says "printable version", or something similar, allowing for easy printing of a particular metaphor?

    Thanks again for setting this up. It is a really useful resource not only for me, but for my students as well.

    All the best to you,

    SJ Marubay

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